Laser Tattoo Lightening Made Quick & Affordable [video]

Laser tattoo lightening is made quick and easy at Stingray Body Art!  We offer full time services from professionally trained laser technician, Kristina Kelley.  Sessions are just 15 minutes and start at only $150!

Have an old, unwanted tattoo that’s just a little too big and dark to cover up properly?  We can hit a *few times with our laser to lighten it up enough for one of our experienced tattoo artists to lay down a beautiful custom cover up!

*proper lightening can take between 2-7 sessions

If you want to completely get rid of a tattoo to start with a fresh canvas, check out some more info on laser tattoo removal HERE.

To see a short video of our quick and easy laser lightening services, click HERE.

For more info, please call 617-254-0666


*Laser tattoo services start at 12pm on select days. Please call for availability.

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